Chef Signature Dishes

Served with Pilau Rice

Baburchi Special
Cooked with marinated grilled chicken or lamb, roasted garlic, fresh coriander,
green pepper touch of mustard seeds, which creates an exotic sauce
Delhi Jalfrezi
All the way from the 2nd biggest city in India. The most popular dish from Delhi.Cooked
with roast garlic, touch of ginger, fresh green peppers, red peppers, onion, tomatoes and
the finest fresh Indian chillies with mince lamb & mushroom
Desi Korma
A dish well known in Bangladesh which came from the Royal Family,
cooked with coconuts, almond, mangoes which creates a unique sauce.
Memsaab’s Favourite
Madame’s favourite dish cooked with strips of tender chicken marinated
in rich spicy sauce, gently cooked with a hot Bangladeshi naga chilli.
Chennai Chops
Lamb chops on the bone, cooked with mustard seeds, tandoori masala, coriander
garlic & tomatoes Optional choice of Prawn, King Prawn & Vegetable